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  • Seriously?!

    Noon of August 1, I was still in Subic. I asked him that what does he want for pasalubong and told him where I am. He said “Sure, anything your heart can offer.” Again, me, #GalawangPaul, “I can offer my heart. Charot!” He answered with “I can’t offer mine. Hahaha,” then I sent him a picture […]

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  • Speechless

    “I’ll never love again. Oh friend, you’ve left me speechless” Perhaps what I said years and years ago, but there are days you feel alone.Your friends will have their own paths. Your family, let’s face it, will also pass. Night of August 1st, Daniel posted something on Facebook, a sad post about moving on. I […]

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  • Delasheng

    Looking back, it’s been 13 years after I felt this intense emotions, other than the lots of infatuation that I have from high school and first year college. Remembering those infatuations, gahd, I feel so ashamed of myself how I clingy I was! I have met this boy a couple of weeks ago, from a […]

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  • Efforts

    Here I am again, making this blog post to cater my emotions. Through my 18 years of existence, one thing is for sure. I have made efforts to people who don’t deserve it. Am I that kind of a fool? or I just care so much about people? I don’t know. Wait, before anything else, you […]

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  • Breaking Hearts

    I sorta blocked all of the unsaved contacts from my phone (and also my phone is saying “No Sim” and I can’t read the texts.) They can’t call me nor text me, but I can see their texts. There were a total of 5 texts and I’ll share my thoughts with it. “Your sponsor will […]

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  • More Privacy Invasion

    Before we get in to the story, I’m going to share what happened yesterday, May 14th. I barely got sleep. Of course, I need to clean up and fix everything for the “guests.” I slept around past 5am, and got up at 6:45am. Almost 2 hours of sleep, I know, just for this! I was […]

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  • Privacy

    I’ve been in public for quite sometime. I consider myself as a public figure nowadays, because I do YouTube and share my life on internet. I love that hobby of mine, but one thing is for sure, it is a trade for privacy. Going to a scenario in which I encountered few days ago. There […]

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  • To my dearest teachers.

    I was logging on to my Facebook, and I saw a birthday notification. It was the 50th birthday of my elementary teacher, Ms. Gesta Kalaw. She died last March 5. I was thinking of putting this blog post. Few minutes ago, I also saw a Facebook post about an education who is scavenging for food. […]

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  • Teamwork with yourself

    Since today is Good Friday for Catholics, maybe I can share something about ‘betrayal.’ March 10, let’s say that in our class is divided in 4 groups. I was grouped with 4 members, but one dropped the class, so we’re just 4 now in the group. I have communicated to with my group mates to ask […]

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  • Pay my own tuition?

    Am I the only one who wanted to earn money to use it for my college tuition, because I feel such a burden for my family? Well, I think I’m not. As much as I always say to my parents, “Please don’t get tired of spending my college tuition,” because I really feel the weight […]